Luxury Yacht Rental

Miami, the magic city and one of the best luxury charters for yachts. Miami has glamorous night life and adventurous views with top class restaurants. The marina of Miami is famous around the world with top-notch yacht charters. People come over from different places for vacations and charter yachts on rent in this beautiful magic city.

You want to have some aqua vibe? Or you want some peace from your busy and hectic life? You may choose us for helping you out to have that peaceful and aqua aura vacations. The yacht dudes provide luxury rental yachts in Miami and South Beach. Both beaches have tremendous and outstanding islands, night clubs, restaurants and much more to visit. Miami is the city of attraction itself and yacht charter of Miami works as the cherry on cake for Miami.

This is the law of Florida, to allow only 13 people on a yacht. The luxury rental yachts by yacht dudes, following the rules and regulations of government of Florida has accommodation facility of 13 or less people. The size of the yacht does not matter for the accommodation of number of people. The luxury yachts have bedrooms and cinema rooms, play rooms, and various games.

The yachts by yacht dudes have different amenities and luxuries. Various types of yachts can be rented according to your budget and requirements. 65′ Luxury European Fairline Squadron, 90′ New Pershing w Flybridge & Toys, 115′ New Leopard Yacht and many more luxury yachts are available for rent at yacht dudes. These luxury and exclusive yachts may have;

  • Jet ski
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis and golf court

Crew and Captain:

The entire crew of our yachts including waiters, chefs, cleaners event management, all are professional and trained. They are always at your services before you call them. They have full knowledge of their tasks.

Coming to the captain, the captains hired by us are fully aware of the routes and points of destinations. Knowing the sea routes is a difficult task as it has no roads. Our captains are fully polished, educated, and professional to handle a yacht no matter what size it has. Whenever you want a 13 person luxury yacht rental in Miami for vacations, events or relaxing, you can contact us. We are always here for your services.